Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Time Ever

237.6!  I have lost weight and gained weight over the last six years.  I have probably seen this number on the scale at least 65 different times.  This will be the last time ever seeing it on the scale.  It's Summer.  Nothing really fits from last year and I hate that I can't just throw on a cute Summer dress over a bikini whenever I need to run out of the house for something.  I'm done feeling sorry for myself and eating whenever something happens (good, bad, sad, happy, angry, moodie, etc.) because this isn't me!  I am a Summer baby meant to wear cute clothes and take longs walks/runs/bike rides at night in the warm air.  I should be laying on the beach all weekend long not hiding under jeans and baggy shirts trying to think of my new excuse for why I couldn't stay on my diet today.  My boyfriend says that I love food more than him.  Not true but I can see why he thinks it.  Tony doesn't really get it.  He's thin and fit and eats what he wants but can control himself to stop and not eat a whole bag of chips, all the pizza, an entire pint of ice cream etc.  This is the start of a new me.  I'm going to enjoy what I eat rather than just shoveling food in my mouth.  Working out will be fun for now on and I won't let it get boring.  I am going to change!

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