Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Candy Girl

     The guys at work like their candy.  God forbid I forget to buy some as soon as we run out.  I think they hang around the office longer than needed just so that they can keep walking by my room to grab it.  I sit with candy on my desk 9 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Not that cheap icky candy either.  No fruit stuff for me, no thank you!  This is legit and right this minute it's peanut chews.  There are days where I don't eat a single bite of candy at work.  Honestly, there are times I forget it's even here. 
     Why then, as soon as I go home and walk into the kitchen for a glass of water, do I end up leaving with a cookie in my hand?  Is the cookie box even out in the open?  Nope.  It's nestled away behind a door.  Yet I never forget that behind that white door on the third shelf, there are cookies.  Same routine almost every day.  Maybe I should start having Tony toss me a bottle of water from the fridge and I will stay a safe distance away in the living room.  Maybe I should stop going into the kitchen at all.  Or maybe I should just never by cookies.  NO.  I should learn to have control over the situation.  Telling myself that is simple.  Acting on it?  I'm not so sure. 

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